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in peace

Like yours, ours and thousands of other people's stories are often unheard. So, we aim to craft those stories – your story – subtly into pins. With this spirit, we're establishing a platform for talented illustrators and artists. Bringing their ideas and stories into a tangible form. Sounds like a win-win, right? Or should we say a pin-pin?
who's behind the pins?

stories crafted into pins

One pin to rule them all. One pin to find them. Almost. Our pins are a subtle way to show the world what lies on the tip of your tongue every day. Filled with compassion, strength and a tiny cheeky twist, our pins say more than a thousand words ever could. So tell your story: on your shirt, on your hat or grandma's egg warmer. We equip you with a visual, pinny mic.

what we believe in

no bullshit

Sticking to our values, meaning what we say – through our pins.

full devotion

A big dose of passion and creativity brings life into our stories.

a good laugh

Putting a smile on your face puts one on ours.

your pin-up boys

We're three creative pin enthusiasts, that got together in the Netherlands. While indulging in beers and Lebanese wraps a while ago, we dreamed about crafting our own pins – wearing what we love and showing we stand for.
Fast-forward to the present, and our pins are in the World Wide Web. Not only do we design our own collections, we also bring artists together to cast their ideas in enamel and metal. Pin-citing times.

meet the pinner circle

Besides pin-puns, we try to provide a podium for aspiring illustrators and supporting them in creating their own pin collection. Their wonderful ideas add stories to our mission, while we help them to establish themselves in the creative world.
Katharina Saurer
illustrator & graphic designer – queen of random encounters
Kamil Kowalczyk
soccer and disco induced artist – illustrating between pierogies and shamrocks
Valentina Gatterer
illustrating high polished real life surrealism with an extra eye or two

are you missing some pin?

Please send us your pin-spiring ideas and deepest wishes for our upcoming collections.
Thanks for your pinspiration mate! 

wanna work with us?

We're always looking for up-and-coming artists for new collections or pin-tastic stores and re-sellers.

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